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Maurits Groen


Maurits Groen (The Netherlands, 1953) studied political sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands). Maurits Groen was editor in chief and publisher at Friends of the Earth Holland (1978-1982) before he started the first Dutch company on sustainability communication (MGMC Ltd.: Over the years Maurits Groen has been writing a number of books, directed and produced TV and radio documentaries and has been organizing conferences on many different aspects of environmental problems and sustainable solutions.Maurits Groen was a member of the management team that organised the first International Water Tribunal (Rotterdam, 1983).He has been a long standing member of the Dutch Committee of Experts on Ecolabelling, and is a member of the Advisory Council to the Dutch Chapter of the Club of Rome, the Dutch Urgenda Platform and the Dutch Council on Organic Agriculture.In both 2006 and 2008 Maurits Groen initiated and organised the visit by Al Gore to The Netherlands. MGMC introduced “An Inconvenient Truth” to The Netherlands, thereby putting climate change high on the national agenda.Apart from managing his own company Maurits Groen acts as political advisor to the national Dutch Taskforce Energy Transition and to the Municipality of Amsterdam (Climate Office). He frequently presides conferences on sustainability.


Ömer Madra


He was born 1945 in Istanbul. He is Journalist, writer and the founder of the radio channel “Acik Radyo” (Open Radio).After finishing his high school at the Robert College he started his studies at the political science institute of Ankara University. At the same faculty he then gave lessons for 13 years in International Law.In 1977 he finished his PhD on “The European Human Rights Convention and the Right for Individual Complaints”. He then conducted research in Holland, Swiss and Sweden in international law, international relations and human rights. His PhD was published in 1980. In 1982 he resigned from his job as professor at the university (because of the military coup d”etat in Turkey) and started to work for tow years for the daily Milliyet in 1983. Since 1985 he worked for different magazines in Turkey. With the financial support of the Council of Europe, Ömer Madra conducted research in Strassbourg/France on international law and migrant workers. 1991 he published a novel, and some other essays in different literature magazines. Since 1995 he works in Acik Radyo and once more started to teach International Law at the Bilgi University, Istanbul.


Emel Kurma


Studied political science at the Bosporus University, Istanbul, and continued in the grad programme of Middle East Technical University, Ankara, in the field of city planning and urbanism for a while. She took part in the foundation of civil organizations such as Amnesty International and Civil Communication Network. She has been giving NGO trainings at the Bilgi University, Istanbul, for 3 years and has been working for the “Helsinki Yurtta?lar” association (Helsinki Citizens Assembly) for 10 years.


Dílek Kurban


Studied at the Columbia University in the field of European Human Rights Law, European Community Law, Minority Rights. Then, he was a exchange student reasearch in the European University Institute, Florence, Italy in the same area. In 1999 took a Master of International Affairs in the School of International and Public Affairs on the Columbia University. He also studied Political Science and International Relations at the Bo?aziçi University. Since 2005 he works at the The Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV). Since 1999 to 2004 he worked United Nations Department of Political Affairs/Security Council Affairs Division. He has participed in many researches and fieldworks related to Human Rights.


Alexandre Camanho


Juris Doctor (University of Brasilia, 1987), Master of Laws (University of Brasilia, 1990), Public and Private International Law Course (Hague Academy of International Law – The Netherlands, 1987), International Public Law and International Relations Course (Institute of Thessaloniki – Greece, 1988), Professor of the Rio Branco Institute – Ministry of External Relations (1990 – 1993), Assistant of Brazil’s Chief Prosecutor (1987), Assistant of the Associate Justice of the Brazilian Supreme Court Francisco Rezek (1987 – 1990; 1992 – 1993). Consultant of the Republic (1990 – 1992), Federal Prosecutor (1993 – 2003). Regional Federal Prosecutor (2003 – ), Professor of the National Police Academy (2003 – ),Criminal Coordinator of the Regional Federal Prosecutors’ Office of the 1st Region (2006 ) Judge of the Latin American Water Tribunal (Mexico City’s public hearing, march 2006; Guadalajara’s public hearing, october 2007; Antigua’s publick hearing, september 2008)


David Barkin


Dr. Barkin received his doctorate in economics from Yale University in 1966 and since 1975 has worked at his present position as Professor of Economics at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Xochimilco Campus, Mexico City. In 1974 he was a founding member of the Ecodevelopment Center, created by the Mexican Science and Technology Council as an independent research organization; he continues to participate in its successor group, the Centro de Ecología y Desarrollo. He was a recipient of the National Prize in Political Economy in 1979 for his analysis of inflation in Mexico. He was elected to the Mexican Academy of Sciences in 1992 and has been a member of the National Research Council at its highest level. He has received the highest awards for teaching and research at his University. He has published numerous books on problems related to Mexican economic development, food systems analysis and sustainable development.


Silke Helfrich


Silke Helfrich was born in 1967. She studied French, Portuguese and pedagogy at the Karl Marx University in Leipzig. She has been working mainly on the area of development cooperation and education since nineties. Between the years 1996 and1998, she worked as the head of Thüringen office of Heinrich Böll Stiftung. Between the years 1999 and 2007, she worked as the head of Heinrich Böll Stiftung regional office serving to Central America, Mexico and Cuba. There, she had the chance to follow closely to the conversion of the Central American Water Tribunal to the Latin American Water Tribunal. Currently she works as an independent consultant and a publisher. Her focuses can be summarized as public properties, gender and globalization. She is managing a website. She published a book named “Who owns the world? To discover the common properties” (Wem gehört die Welt? Zur Wiederentdeckung der Gemeingüter) in 2009.



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